Banshee 1.9.1 is the new default music player in Natty Narwhal

Banshee 1.9.1 has landed in Natty Narwhal daily builds becoming the default music player and, obviously, integrated with the a nicer sound menu (the play/pause buttons have been polished and look gorgeous).

Along with many bug fixes, there are a lot of changes in Banshee since 1.9 version (Maverick Meerkat has Banshee 1.8) like:

  • allow to clear the play queue while in Populate mode
  • show context menu even for All filters
  • massively rework the podcast edit dialog
  • remove Home and Photo folder import sources
  • make Play/Pause action tooltip only show play or pause
  • add a new recently played default smart playlist

This change was announced by Mark Shuttlework at UDS Natty.