"Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars" extends its support in Ubuntu 11.10 (Terminal, Eye of GNOME, FBReader, Banshee, etc)

Ambiance and Radiance have recently been ported to GTK+3, and, along with them, Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars.

Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars were first featured in Natty Narwhal, but they were mainly focused on a few GTK-based apps, consequently, apps like Chromium, LibreOffice, Eye of GNOME, Mozilla Firefox, Terminal, etc were left to receive support in Oneiric Ocelot.

New applications are now using this fancy scrollbars:

  • Terminal
  • Eye of GNOME (the image viewer)
  • FBReader (ebook reader)
  • Banshee (no more square thumb)