Access PuBmed, Google Scholar and JSTOR with Unity Academic lens

We are dealing with and using, aren't we, knowledge in order to complete projects, research concepts, build ideas, create work-related items, etc, knowledge expressed across the internets in multiple forms, flavors and understanding levels.

It seems that sometimes we need specialized informations, knowledge created by scientists and professionals, in order to grasp, edit, point out accurate parts of life, such as highly-detailed theories, massively-measured reports, in-depth researched studies, etc.

The mentioned requirements can be easily satisfied via Unity Academic lens, lens that centers powerful online sources into the clarity of the Dash.

Unity Academic lens has been updated to another interesting release, 0.7, introducing new additions and Previews support.

The Academic lens comes with support for ScienceDirect, PuBmed, Google Scholar, JSTOR and Zotero (records and exposes read article with the Zotero extension), thus populating its view with rich and diverse data.

In order to search for items, open the lens and type a word in the search area, action that displays matched items, clicking on an item opens it via the default web-browser and/or directly opens it as a PDF file, items generated by numerous and numerous online services.

JSTOR is an online store that offers more than 15,000 scholarly books, as produced by academic presses and scholarly publishers, essentially, housing high-quality academic knowledge.

A definitely interesting aspect of the newly implemented JSTOR scope is its Unity Previews support, meaning, right-clicking on a JSTOR item, opens it in its dedicated Preview mode.

Big-sized image, full title, long text-descriptions, as well as price and Download button, are available via its Preview, allowing the user to digest a brief summary of the previewed book.

Under System Settings-->Privacy-->Search Results by switching OFF the Include online search results, optimized lenses lose their ability to perform online searches, functionality adopted by the Unity Academic lens, too.

Switching Include online search results OFF, blocks the Academic lens to expose online search results, approach expressed via an interesting Online search results disabled item.

How do we install Unity Academic lens 0.7?
Add the following official PPA (Quantal, Raring)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:scopes-packagers/ppa

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install unity-lens-academic unity-scope-jstor unity-scope-pubmed unity-scope-scholar unity-scope-zotero unity-scope-sciencedirect