Access movie details, know actors and play trailers via Unity Movie lens

After work, school, finishing a project, etc, movies are definitely a way of relaxing ourselves, artistic expressions that, especially nowadays, feature a wide and diverse range of topics, such as comedies, thrillers, fantasy, etc.

The Web is a rich source of movie details, including pictures, actors, cast, money budget, descriptions, etc, details usually searched by users in order to select a movie and/or decide if going to a theater to watch a specific movie, as well as for broadening our knowledge on what, who, where, why, etc, related to the film industry.

themoviedb is a massive community-maintained movie database, housing a solid amount of movie details, where movies are in-depth presented with images, release dates, status, revenues, etc, movie informations backed by tags and handy categories (Top Rated, Popular Movies, Upcoming, etc).

Unity Movie lens is a handy useful lens that utilizes the versatility of themoviedb, exposing its powerful content directly into the clarity of the Dash, proper mix that presents itself as a fast and precise manner of digesting movie-related informations.

Unity Movie lens has been updated to an interesting release,, further strengthening its functionalities, as well as adding new user controls.

Unity Movie lens' usage is as simple as typing (a) word(s) in the search area and clicking on a matched result, action that opens it via the default web-browser directly on its themoviedb webpage.

The newly released version introduces filters, basically, allowing the user to filter the exposed content; the implemented filters are Search and Adult results.

In order to search only for actors, the user is to click on Actors, action that populates the lens (after a word is typed in the search area) only with actor items, while ignoring movies, essentially, allowing users to hassle-free locate preferred actors.

Typing John Doe in the search area and clicking on Actors, (usually,--if the typed name is accurate--) displays only a matched result, John Doe, removing the unnecessary clutter from the lens.

A definitely interesting aspect of Unity Movie lens is its support for the Unity Previews, meaning, right-clicking on an item, opens it via its dedicated preview view, featuring big-sized preview image, title, genres, actors, as well as long text-descriptions, essentially, an effective manner of consuming brief-yet-relevant details about movies.

The Previews come with an interesting Play trailer button, hitting it, opens the clicked movie's trailer via Ubuntu's Totem, thus allowing the user, along with text and image-based details, to complete its view on a preferred movie without opening the movie through the web-browser.

The rich-text-description approach has been implemented in the Actors Preview, too, right-clicking on an actor, opens it in its preview mode, displaying a relevant actor description, as well as of-interest bits, such as Birthday, Place of birth, etc.

Unity Movie lens utilizes the card view, exposing items with readable pictures and clear titles, furthermore, adding ratings and of-origin year, presenting itself as an intuitive lens, allowing users to immediately identify of-interest movies.

How do we install Unity Movie lens
Add the following official PPA (Quantal)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/lenses

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install unity-lens-movie

then, restart the computer.

Worth mentioning
If, after hitting the Play trailer button, Totem doesn't start playing the trailer immediately, the user is to wait a couple of seconds, in order to enjoy the trailer.