5,800 Ubuntu users' 2013 Ubuntu cloud survey results published

Ubuntu is presently playing a relevant role in the global cloud-computing environment, both being used and bringing innovation in powerful cloud ecosystems.

As a consequence, Ubuntu features a significant number of users, among which a percentage participating to a yearly cloud-related survey.

The 2013's Ubuntu cloud survey has been consumed by more than 5,800 Ubuntu users located across six continents, users talking about their experiences with Ubuntu server and cloud, discussions, opinions and judgments distilled and user-friendly-ized by Ubuntu's Sally Radwan who shared an article expressing interesting conclusions rooted into the almost 6,000 users' testimonies.

Financial worth of the global cloud market, what percentage finds the cloud environment ready for critical relevant workloads, the values of the percentages of web server, database, backup and file server (deployed by enterprises), what clouds are becoming more and more viable and pursued, where the hybrid clouds stand (from a usage point-of-view), how is Ubuntu perceived in the cloud, etc, are among the topics detailed on http://insights.ubuntu.com/news/critical-workloads-private-deployments-a...

Moreover, the explanatory article is paired with a detailed step-by-step slide, where the viewer is to digest each and each measurement.