200,000 LibreOffice downloads/week (January 2012), 600,000 LibreOffice downloads/week (December 2012)

By installing Ubuntu, the user is immediately faced with a high-quality full-fledged overall experience; browsing the Web, downloading torrents, listening music, playing 1080p movies, encapsulating last.fm into a web app, etc, are functionalities available by default.

As related to office, users' basic-and-advanced needs are fully met and satisfied via LibreOffice, a powerful modern office suite that structures its capabilities in LibreOffice Writer, LibreOffice Calc, LibreOffice Impress, LibreOffice Draw, specialized tools designed with containing numerous and numerous features in mind.

The Document Foundation has published an interesting summary of done-through-2012 LibreOffice actions, actions being measured and displayed in user-readable graphs, approach aimed at publicly exposing relevant LibreOffice achievements.

Across the 2012 year, LibreOffice has been adopted by various organizations from various countries, like for instance on:

  • 500,000 desktops (French ministries)
  • 15,000 desktops (city of Munich, Germany)

A definitely interesting aspect of the newly published graphs is the number of LibreOffice downloads, number that has grown from 200,000/week (January 2012) to 600,000/week (December 2012), amount of downloads that clearly proves the fast and massive adoption of the open-source office suite.

The mentioned download number has been generated by users of proprietary OSes, due to the fact that Linux users usually install/update LibreOffice via repositories (or installed by default, as in the case of Ubuntu).