11-year-old kid helps businessman to save €3000 by replacing proprietary OS with Ubuntu on the businessman's old computers

Along with a solid, diverse and useful pack of features and applications, Ubuntu comes with a hardware-friendly-and-accessible attitude, allowing users to properly run Ubuntu on both powerful and low-spec computers while, with the same set of hardware pieces, proprietary OSes would not be capable of delivering a usable experience.

A local businessman, Sean Mullen, was recently faced with a must of replacing his computers with newer machines, due to the computers' period of usage and inability to presently function properly with proprietary OSes.

As a consequence, the businessman went to a local shop, where he found out that he must pay an average price of €700 per machine (including proprietary software), three laptops and three desktops, essentially, €4000.

After successfully buying 1 computer, the person went home where his son eagerly told him that there is an 11-year-old kid able to install a free operating system on computers.

After the Ubuntu-passionate kid installed Ubuntu on 1 old computer, the result: "the computer came back two days later. The computer started up in less than a minute in Ubuntu where it used to take up to five minutes in Windows Vista. It had all the software we needed - word processor, spreadsheet and more and it is all legal without license payments".

The process was immediately repeated, "in the end, we saved around €3,000, which was very welcome", furthermore, Sean Mullen rewarded the courageous boy with a present.