100 (Ed)ubuntu-powered computers successfully deployed in Ghana

It is a must, isn't it, that children (especially in schools) must have access to computers and technology, in order to enjoy a modern natural learning process, essentially, nowadays, the education process uses computers as a media of transmitting knowledge (along with printed books and physical learning-specific tools).

It seems that, while economically-developed countries contain citizens able to acquire computers and software, there are countries where the access to technology is blocked by an overall low-economic development.

"Back in October I spent 2 weeks in Ghana helping a team begin a deployment of 100 desktops shipped to Africa ICT Right in Ghana by Computer Reach based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania", effort where the involved-in-the-Ubuntu-community Elizabeth Krumbach has been a part, exciting and inspiring story that saw certain blockages, thus preventing the complete deployment of the mentioned 100 computers to students.

After an unpleasant period of time when only 20 computers were successfully received, it seems that the original goal (of transmitting 100 computers to children) has been materialized, "I’m happy to report that since then they were able to get the other 80 systems deployed!".

The results are far from neglectable, more than 1500 students will enjoy running Edubuntu (pure Ubuntu with extra educational software), approach enriched by "over 80 teachers and volunteers throughout these regions have also been trained the basics of Ubuntu and on the educational software software being shipped with these Edubuntu systems".