0 A.D. ALPHA 7 "Geronium" released with new civilization, redesigned main menu, numerous sound effects and more

0 A.D. is a great free open-source game of ancient warfare and, although is a work in progress, is quite playable and full of gorgeous adventures.

0 A.D. ALPHA 7 "Geronium" has just been released, introducing Carthage, a mighty naval civilization.

What is new in 0 A.D. ALPHA 7?

  • new full-fledged Carthaginian civilization with revamped and rebalanced units, redesigned navy, new docks, numerous shields, helmets and props, new Easter Egg objects, etc
  • new dynamic territory design
  • new dynamic background-based redesigned main menu depicting a Spartan mother sending her son to the battle and telling him to return at home with his shield or on the shield
  • 100+ new sound effects
  • brand new 0 A.D. main theme "Honor Bound" (along with awesome tracks such as "Peaks of Atlas" and "Mediterranean Waves")
  • new maps

How do we install 0 A.D. ALPHA 7?
Add the following official PPA (Lucid, Maverick, Natty, Oneiric)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wfg/0ad
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install 0ad

"We are seeking contributors in programming, art, sound, web design, taking YouTube videos and more. These roles on the 0 A.D. development team are great if you want to brush up on your skills and update your portfolio, if you're seeking a project for school with real-life applications, or if you care about the cause of free culture and software and are willing to work pro bono with a group of dedicated volunteers from all over the world".