Ubuntu 14.04 received standard appmenu for Nautilus and login history

As you know, in Ubuntu the app menus follow a double-sided appearance: on one hand, there are applications using the standard regular appmenu, on the other hand, there are apps using a GNOME-specific menu.

You are to recognize the GNOME-specific menu by a menu entry that displays an extra menu when clicked, as opposed to the regular menu's display of all menu entries on the Unity panel.

Ubuntu 14.04's System Settings received volume-louder-than-100% option

During the latest weeks, Ubuntu 14.04's System Settings has received several tweakable options, among which the in-window titlebars.

Yet, there is more, System Settings has been updated in Trusty Tahr via the regular updates, bringing a minor-yet-handy addition: the ability to set the output sound volume louder than 100%.

That equals a new option implemented in System Settings-->Sound, where you are to notice Allow louder than 100%.

Final Term available via PPA with split view

If you are a heavy command-line user or a freshman seeking to familiarize with the terminal, you have probably kept an eye on Final Term's development.

Final Term (UNDER DEVELOPMENT) is a terminal application that features an extra dose of eyecandy as compared to traditional terminals, while paired with drop-down menus offering command completion, ability to contract commands, responsive appearance, etc.

Ubuntu 14.04 received on-demand in-window titlebars

Cycles ago, the developers moved the app menus from within the app windows to the Unity panel, feature labeled as appmenu or global menu.

Yet, since the appmenu implementation, various users have expressed demands for a within-windows menu, in order to easily access the menu.

If you have been using the appmenu and you are still uncomfortable with it, then you are to welcome the newly-arrived in-window titlebars, new menus landed in Ubuntu 14.04 via the regular updates.

Real-time resize-as-you-drag and filter-as-you-type spread mode landed in Ubuntu 14.04

As you know and have been using, Ubuntu 13.10 resizes windows without an actual preview of the window; that means that when you drag-to-resize a window an orange container shows the potential new size of the window, yet, you can't actually see how the new size will look.

The latest changes landed in Ubuntu 14.04 via the regular updates bring support for real-time resizing of windows, Normal mode implemented now by default.

Humble Indie Bundle 11 released with impressive games (Dust: An Elysian Tail included)

The Humble Indie team has released Humble Indie Bundle 11, adding an exciting set of games to the bundle.

Humble Indie Bundle 11 comes with Guacamelee! Gold Edition, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and The Swapper; you are to most surely enjoy Dust: An Elysian Tail's beautiful graphics and polished interactions, game shifted from $15 (its price in the Humble store) to a pay-what-you-want bundle.

Ubuntu 14.04's System Settings received show/hide username option

As you know, Ubuntu 14.04 is currently in development, process that is to generate the upcoming Ubuntu 14.04 LTS in the next months.

The latest changes arrived in Ubuntu 14.04 via the regular updates bring a minor-yet-handy feature, allowing you to easily show/hide the username on the Unity panel.

That means that if you navigate to System Settings-->User Accounts, you will see a new Show my login name in the menu bar entry, entry unchecked by default.

Darktable 1.4.1 released with fixes

Passionate about photography?, seeking features and speed?, having large collections of RAW images?, then look no further, Darktable is to probably satisfy your photography needs with a complex interface, support for a massive amount of cameras and a constantly-maintained development nature.

Weeks ago, Darktable 1.4 was released, bringing a multitude of new features and new manners of handling photographies, 1.4 being the current major version.